Alpine Zansibar, the Genteel Fantastic

was read by Richard Kalwaic
and written by J.R. Blackwell

The Story can be read here:

Alpine Zansibar, the Genteel Fantastic

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There were four contributing songs to this podcast.
1. "Crimson" by Solace off the album Ahsas

2. ". . . a cry for the broken heart" by Falling You off the album Touch

3. "Sartinal III" by Ivilion off the album Sartinal

4. "Redemption" by Solace off the album Ahsas

Music was brought to you courtesy of magnatune, whose music can be found at:

The theme song to Voices of Tomorrow is an origional composition created for Voices of Tomorrow by Russell Collins. Information about Russell can be found at his website Thank you to all of our subscribers who stuck with us while we took a break. We're going back to weekly releases now. I hope you enjoy your new futures.
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